Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt

Whether you want to enhance your six-pack, remove stubborn fat pockets, contour your body curves, reduce cellulite, or want to kick start a new weight loss program, our new body contouring treatment will help you with your goals. Using ultrasound technology, it is now possible to burn fat while sitting down! The benefits don’t end there, the treatment also tightens the skin making you look super toned. A course of body sculpt treatments is recommended by QWoman Clinic for best results.

Treatment Time

20-50 mins



Down Time






Where on the body can sculpt be used?

  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Hips/Flanks
  • Bottom
  • Back of hands.

Does it hurt?

No, you will feel a heat sensation, but the treatment is quite relaxing.

How many treatments are required?

2-3 treatments, 4 weeks apart.

How does the treatment work?

Body sculpt works by burning fat cells with high intensity focused ultrasound. The fat cells are then flushed out the body through the lymphatic system.

Location :

We are located in the Wellness Clinic at Optimised Personal Wellness Centre in Spinningfields Manchester

64 Bridge Street, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3BN

Contact No :

07783 454011