Real Stories from Real Women – How Menopause Affected Me

Here at QWoman, we love it when real women tell their stories. This month’s story comes from a very successful and strong woman whose life turned upside down when she started going through menopause. To finish off October’s Menopause Awareness Month, here’s Ann Marie’s story.

“5 years ago, when I reached 48, I began to have symptoms of perimenopause. I was unaware that I was perimenopausal until two years later when I visited my doctor.  When I described all my symptoms, which included persistent, daily hot flushes, night sweats, constant irritability, and mood swings, explaining that I could not understand why I felt so depressed and sometimes so alone. All I wanted to do was cry and sleep. I would do anything to avoid confrontation – including shutting myself away from my partner and avoiding going out. The changes in my body were overwhelming; I was all over the place. My doctor confirmed I was going through menopause.

All I Wanted To Do Was Cry…

“How menopause affected me was my hot flushes became relentless, causing me to lie awake for hours during the night. Then, during the day, the mood swings would start, and I would feel irritable. Some days I couldn’t function at all – the brain fog took over and I could not remember what I was supposed to be doing. At this point, I had to accept my body was changing.”

How Menopause Affected Me - Menopause Symptoms

“Menopause features a huge array of symptoms; however, many women remain oblivious to the condition and think that their problems are stress-related. Women don’t tend to accept that their bodies are changing, and they try to carry on with their family and work life. We often say to ourselves ‘I am just tired’ and ignore all the menopausal signs.”

Things Are Much Better Now…

“Menopause can take over your life without you realising it. I am finally on a good, personalised treatment plan that my doctor recommended, so things are getting better for me now. By not talking about it and ignoring all the signs women can easily suffer just like I did. Menopause can happen even before you are 40 and everyone’s experience is different. I am urging you, to listen to your body and get yourself to the doctor. Early intervention of the symptoms is better than suffering in silence.”

By Ann Marie Eastmond

QWoman wants to give women a platform to share their intimate stories in the hope that they can help other women going through similar situations. If you have a story to tell, get in touch and you could get featured on our news page.

How Menopause Affected Me

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